Adjusting 2 dogs to their new home

Adjusting 2 dogs to their new home

For first time ever, there really might not be a post for me tomorrow. Tomorrow is my move day. As of tomorrow, everything is going to the condo including Zoey and Marshmallow. I’m a little concerned about these two. I would’ve liked to have had them there before tomorrow but it didn’t work out. I was going to bring them over but it turns out my painter is allergic. I know for them it would’ve probably been better if they had a chance to walk the condo smelling around before they were pushed into a new environment. Tomorrow they have no choice.

I have it all planned out though. My cable hook up is between the hours of eight and ten. My daughter is taking both dogs over to the condo first. My movers are coming to my apartment between nine and ten. I’ll be here for that. This way the movers could work without Zoey and Marshmallow being in their way. Marshy and Zoey have some time in the condo before the craziness begins. When the movers come to the condo, I can leave both the puppies on the balcony so they have a nice view of both the outside and us but it’s insulated and warm so they won’t be cold. Truthfully Zoey is always fine as long as Marshmallows there, and Marshmallow is usually fine as long as Mikayla or I am there. It wasn’t my ideal way to bring them to the new home but it’s the way it’s going to be.

I do have to admit I made a small purchase for them, and I bought a double stroller for dogs. Each one has their own little compartment so we could take them outside for a walk. Yes, they make such a thing called leashes I know that, but Marshmallow doesn’t do well around other dogs. Maybe in the stroller, he’ll be a little better because he won’t be able to get out of the screen. My aid is the one who has the stroller since I’m in a motorized wheelchair. I couldn’t ask her to walk two dogs, one of which can be dog aggressive at a whopping 30lbs. This way we can all take walks down by the water.

Anyway, I hope my dogs adjust quickly but of course I understand that it might be a learning curve too. Tonight is the last night I sleep in my apartment. 11 years it’s a little sad but so exciting.

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  1. Hello Darling!!! Im wishing you the best of luck! Its truly amaxing to own your own home, so rewarding. Its yours and no one has a say in what you do in your own home. Blessings?

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