Moving stinks

Moving stinks

OK moving should come with a gigantic warning, this was horrible. I thought I was so prepared. I wasn’t! I think moving would be hard for anybody, but adding multiple sclerosis to it is just a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, in the morning my aid was running late so that left the beginning of the day on me. I had a couple things left to pack up. I didn’t think it was gonna be a big deal, IT WAS A BIG DEAL!!! I still think I can do a lot more than I can. I had to pack up all my Humpty Dumpty dolls, the computer desk and I still had things lying around all over the house that I was trying to organize. It was just too much for me to do alone. Guess what? I started to stress very early and I exhausted myself and it was only at this point 10 o’clock.

We finally got to the condo, I was still dealing with problems. Turns out the Verizon person never showed up on time because of a problem with the lease. My painter was still painting as the movers were coming into the house. And in the storage room I have two lockers and someone broke off one of my locks and put on their own. Nobody knows who did it, and I’m the one paying for them. So of course there were tons of fires I was trying to put out on top of all the commotion happening in the condo. Plus my dogs were crying on the balcony throughout the chaos. At one point of the day I had the painter, the movers, electrician, the Verizon man, and my super all at the same time. Happy moving day.

I am so fortunate to have the most wonderful aid, a mother that ended up being off all day and a daughter who was willing to help. Somehow, we got a lot unpacked yesterday. Even though the house is still really a disaster, considering what was going on in here, it is pretty remarkable. When I finally sat down last night and my daughter went for dinner with my mom and stepdad, it was just me and the dogs on my big comfy chair and I was so happy. This condo is beautiful and I’m going to be very happy here. I woke up early today to watch the sunrise with my with the dogs. Here are some pictures of my morning and the condo so far, mess and all. k

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  1. Hi! Wow imagine waking up to that view everyday! You are so lucky! Moving is horrible but guess what? You dont ever have to do it again!!! Its all yours, I love the pictures! Your home is so beautiful! No more dealing with a landlord! Sending you blessings!

  2. Jamie, your condo looks amazing, I love that view! Unfortunately, nothing ever seems to go right on moving day, at least not for me and i’m sorry to hear that you went through the same. I hope that you settle very quickly and enjoy that lovely condo xx

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