Home is where my frenchies are

Home is where my frenchies are

Marshmellow’s idea of a temper tantrum as I’m putting on my shoes to leave

Zoey Just grabs her bone which she chews on like a baby with a pacifier. She always has her chew bone right before nap time or right after someone comes over and plays with her.

My dogs are my happy place. They are just my love buggies. Especially these two. Marshy is my love bug and Zoey is my snuggle bug. Always close to me and always lovable.

I cant help it, they are my adopted children. They have the purest souls, kindest hearts and give complete unconditional love. That’s why I blog and talk about them so much. They bring so much happiness to my home. My daughter loves them, my aid loves them and most people (with the exception of non dog lovers) love them.

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