I raised a responsible kid

I raised a responsible kid

My baby girl went out last night and didn’t get back to her dorm until almost 7:00 am. Does it make me a bad mom to say I’m slightly impressed? She is finally enjoying the city life with a mixture of high school friends and a few college friends. It’s been a tough road so far, her first semester at college, so I’m so happy that she is out and about in the city over the weekend. Well right now she’s on the train coming home but that’s because she’s attending another Halloween party at a college friends house who commutes to the school but lives close to our home. She asked if I can drop her off and pick her up because there will be alcohol and even if she only consumes one beer, my daughter won’t drive. I told her I definitely would. I’m not going out and buying her alcohol but I’m also not being naive that these kids aren’t partying. I was 18 once too. I’m just so proud of her for being responsible.

That’s one thing she has never wavered on. From the time she started driving. My only request was to send a text when you arrived at your destination and she still sends me that text each and every time. Even in the city, she sends me the text, “back at dorm”, so I know she’s safe. If in a case like last night she was out still, I received a text “still out with a group of people.” It’s not easy letting your children go. It’s even harder when it’s your only child and your a single mom. I’m relieved that I raised a responsible kid but I’ll never stop worrying about her. That’s part of the job. My mom still makes me check in with her to this day, and to this day, I always do.

So I’m off to the train station to pickup my daughter. She wanted to crash in her own bed for the day. She’ll come in, make the dogs crazy and shut herself in her room. Poor Zoey will probably spend the first half an hour barking at her door. An advantage to being deaf with coclear implants, when they are off, my daughter hears nothing. So poor Zoey will be upset and only I will hear her until she gives up. That’s ok because she’s still my favorite of my children. Zoey and Marshy understand the 2 legged kid comes first.

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