Thank you to all the readers of multiple experiences

Thank you to all the readers of multiple experiences

Id love to hear from my blogging friends on the cost to run their blog. For me my two biggest price tags are WordPress and ipage. WordPress charges me over $200 every other year and ipage is roughly $50 per year. I once in a blue moon do Facebook marketing which hasn’t helped much. I do market with a blog that has a very strong following, that has made a little impact. However other than that, I don’t do much as far as spending money on the blog.  I would love for the blog to make a little money even if it just paid for its cost, that would be lovely, but it all fairness, that’s not why I blog.

I think somewhere in my mind when I first started blogging my intention was for the blog to make money. I mean how wonderful is it to sit at home write an article and without even doing anything else something makes money for you every day. Many people had a very successful blog that makes them a fortune. Those people would tell you it requires a lot of work, great marketing and a large following.

My blog started as one thing and became another. First of all I had no idea what I was doing, I still don’t know what I’m doing.  I know that the site is mine I pay for it. WordPress is my template, ipage is my host or something like that. I don’t have money to market my site. My site became my daily journal that I finally became faithful to. It became a place where people learned about my life even though they knew me and maybe even talked to me weekly. It became a place I could vent and cry and tell the truth to hundreds of people everyday many of whom didn’t know me but offered me support and understanding. It became a place where I didn’t hide and left the humble and raw truth out there so I didn’t have to keep repeating the same sad tale. How much is something like that worth paying for? My site is better than any therapists I went to and the understanding and compassion from my readers are better than many support groups. How much is all that worth? I’d personally say a sh@tload more than the costs the blog. Thank you to everyone who reads and supports multiple experiences. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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