My waterview is sinking

My waterview is sinking

I’m heartbroken. I just found out yesterday what their building at the end of the block on the water. I knew they were building I just never thought to inquire. I lived by here my whole life so I never in 1 million years thought that they could be building a hotel conference center around the entire corner that will block my view of the water from my condo. These were the only plans I could find, so I don’t know if anything is even been revised.

The reason I bought this condo was the view. However, I do have one possible help, that second building in the middle, I believe is a smaller building in which case I am higher than it and I’ll be able to see the water right over it. Since that’s really a big chunk of my view and my site line from my apartment, if that’s the case, I’m OK. Later today I’m going to call our board president who own the apartment one floor down from me. I know he’ll know much more about this project. He and I have talked a few times about our view. He’ll be able to tell me. I’m really hoping that that was the contingency of allowing them to build is that middle building had to be lower not to block the view of an entire condo that has been here since 1985. Not much I can do at this point, I can only wait and see and try to ask. Meanwhile I’m certainly going to enjoy what I have while I have it.

According to our board president, the construction should NOT take away our view….but he hasn’t seen the final yet. The builders say they will NOT impede the view of our building. I knew he’d know. Plus he’s a floor lower than me. I have great comfort in his response. ?. Smiling again.

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