Condo revoking reserved parking spots

Condo revoking reserved parking spots

I’m not shocked because it got out of hand. What started as my one request that I had to submit medical documentation for, ended up being 5 handicap parking spots being reserved for condo residents. The other long-term residents in the condo had meltdowns why they can’t have a reserved spot. After a total of 3 months of angry calls and emails from condo residents, it was put to a vote once again to the board and it was decided parking is first come first serve. No reserved spots.

Being that the board has the right to change all policies and practices, providing they are in the frame of the law, they could have opted to charge for the spots and bring in well needed funds for the building. Yet, they did not. They decided to go back to how it was so they don’t have to deal with things.

The difference with me, at least I believe, I wasn’t just about the handicap spot. I am a disabled person. I am filed disabled with both New York state as well as the federal government. I am well documented as such. I made a reasonable accommodation request to the condo board. There are many people in this condo and there are very few spots in the front where I can park and get to the door that I need to use. All the other spots in this condo would make it extremely difficult for me to get in to the condo. It would either be steps which I can’t do or a long walk I can’t do. I never so much requested the handicap spot as a spot in the front. Yes, of course I have my handicap spot parking and it would be the easiest spot for me, but if I’m not in the front parking I have very serious problems.

I am going to try to talk to the board to get them to understand this once again. I did find the law regarding this

Specifically section f,3,b states

B) a refusal to make reasonable accommodations in rules, policies, practices, or services, when such accommodations may be necessary to afford such person equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling; or

My request was reasonable and doesn’t cost the condo anything of monetary significance. Unfortunately I may have to go further.

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  1. Best of luck in your ‘fight’ but I hope the board accept their responsibilities and reinstate your parking without fighting

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