A bird flew over the cuckoo’s nest

A bird flew over the cuckoo’s nest

Except that cuckoo’s nest was my home. This morning when we woke up my little dog Zoey was having a bad day. She peed on my floor, and then did a little piddle on my bed while I cleaned her area. I was busy cleaning that up while I let the two little monsters roam the house. I heard a commotion but I just assumed it was Zoey once again into something she shouldn’t be in. When I came out to investigate, I saw nothing just their wee wee pads disheveled. I was cleaning up and noticed yellow poop spots, I know my dogs don’t poop yellow. I also saw feathers. WTF!!! Feathers. I still heard and saw nothing else and trust me I looked. My dogs weren’t doing anything out of the ordinary.

I had an appointment at 9am for a physical therapy evaluation that I couldn’t miss. My therapist was squeezing me in. I haven’t been in therapy in a month due to my cellulitis incident. I already cancelled my occupational therapy evaluation earlier in July and had to wait another month and a half to get another appointment. I wasn’t missing this one too.

I feed the dogs, got dressed, put in my shoes and nothing unusual was going on. I got out the dog treats I give the pups when I leave the house and opened the door. That’s when I heard a flapping sound. I turned around saw nothing. I went out the door heard it again and as I’m closing the door I see the bird flapping in the inside window. Holy sh&t!!! What do I do? I have to leave. I hear my dogs barking as I am leaving my condo. I’m calling my daughter, who is deaf and wears cochlear implants but not when she is sleeping, she doesn’t hear the phone. I’m praying she’ll feel the vibration. I call my aid and ask her to go to my house instead of meeting me at my appointment to get the bird out. My only concern, of course, was the dogs.

Luckily my daughter finally got up about 30 minutes later. She wanted to just open the condo door so the bird flew into the hall let it be the condo’s problem. Got to love the 19 year old mind. However my aid helped her get the bird out the window. Dogs are fine but they were scared. Hunter dogs they are not. I think we were all frazzled once again. My daughter just was leaving to go out for the day and forgot to put on shoes. Me, the adrenaline that went through my body has now left and I am exhausted. Sitting like a limp potato on my chair. My aid is sitting with these dark glasses on because of a headache. Looks like she just had a glaucoma surgery. It’s been a tough morning.

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