My barking dog

My barking dog

I don’t know what’s up with my little Marshmallow but he’s become very grouchy in his older age. He’s also become even more protective over me. I get him barking when he sees other dogs walking around outside our condo or hears people outside our door. His new thing is barking at the kids or people who come in that may not sit down. He just barks and barks. It’s loud and annoying. He barks at my aid every morning who has been here a year. Why? He will finally stop but every morning.

The protection on me has been since he was little. I had a spot on my old couch and now it’s my comfy chair. No one can come over to me then. He starts barking at everyone even my daughter but she’s use to him and just kisses him and pets him anyway. Ive learned to change seats when company comes so he doesn’t get into that protective mode. He’s little too at only 30lbs.

He has never bitten anyone just barks but it’s getting worse. Wish I could calm him down a little. He’s over 9 now I think he’s just getting grouchy in his old age. He really is a very sweet boy once he’s calm. All he wants is love and attention. I don’t think he’s asking for too much, look at that face….

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  1. My little Pomeranian is getting to be the same way (he is 10) now. He is also loosing his eye sight which I believes makes him more anxious and always makes him rely more on his ears! I have been giving him CBD oil twice a day and it has helped him considerably. He has given me so much comfort for the last 10 years so I feel I should give him some comfort in the last years of his life. He has suffered from Seizures as well and he hasn’t had one seizure since I started him on the CBD oil. ❤️

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