Season change and MS symptoms

Season change and MS symptoms

Does the change of seasons affect your MS symptoms? I know that the actual seasons affect symptoms like the heat of summer or the cold of winter but I mean the transition between the seasons. I’ve had a tough time with my walking lately and with fatigue. My physical therapist says season change. I found this article online

Usually I feel effects of season changes maybe from winter to spring. It’s unusual for me to feel this way from hot to colder weather. I can tolerate cold much better. I usually celebrate when I feel the chill in the air come and I know summer has ended. This year maybe my symptoms aren’t celebrating so much. I have to be honest, my symptoms are getting worse despite being on Ocrevus. Walking is getting more and more difficult. Maybe this year I just notice it more because I was hoping the cooler weather would make my symptoms better and it hasn’t.

Since where I live in New York is still having some warmish weather, I guess I can see if anything improved. Right now it’s 65 degrees but it will go back into the 70’s again. I can’t control the weather anymore than I can control my MS.

Does season changes affect you?

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