Keto diet week 2 and intermittent fasting

Keto diet week 2 and intermittent fasting

So week two is done and I lost another 2lbs. I think it is sufficient to say this was the diet for me over weight watchers. I am doing a strict Keto diet according to my Lifesum app I set my levels for 6% carbs, 20% protein and 74% fat. I did buy the Keto test strips and I do test my urine each morning. It has been the same since about day 4 at a moderate level. I’ve never been in a high range but it doesn’t need to be because I’m obviously losing weight.

I have been doing intermittent fasting since about June. This I found easy to do because I wasn’t much of a morning eater. I did change my hours of eating vs fasting from 11-7. I go to bed on the early side so it’s better for me to stop eating earlier. I find the two diets a good combination for me so far.

I using my Keto menu I bought from your Keto diet and my Lifesum app. I’m eating well and exercising. In two weeks I’m down 9lbs. Pretty amazing for someone who has been following weight watchers for a year and losing nothing. I’m happy to say I’m close to my lifetime maintenance weight at weight watchers which was how this whole saga began.

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