Life coaching for people with a chronic illness

Life coaching for people with a chronic illness

Sometimes it is overwhelming dealing with a chronic illness and navigating through daily life. I know I’ve lived there. I use to unleash it all on my mom. She has so much empathy and I adore her but she doesn’t have multiple sclerosis and she didn’t, she couldn’t, fully understand. I was sad for a long time until I changed my thinking and changed my perception on life. I have a life coach that helps me stay on track and has been instrumental to my progress.

This has been a goal of mine for a long time, to give back what I’ve learned. I have had multiple sclerosis for 20+ years. I have a lot of life experience. That doesn’t mean I can only relate to someone that has had a disease for a long time. I remember very clearly the early days, raising my daughter and working full time. My goal has always been to serve at my highest potential with what I know best. I know best about life with a chronic illness. I’m offering a free life coaching session for anyone who is feeling like their life needs a shift. Email me @ if interested.

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