A day with sisters

A day with sisters

My little sister is in from California today. Yippee. She has both my niece and nephew with her and I’m really excited to see them. It is hard having a sibling that is literally across the country. I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like. This is the one who is the closet thing I could have to a twin. She’s Jamie west and I’m Alyssa east. We just always seem to like the same things or dislike the same things. Our conversations have a lot of “me too” in them. It is just a running joke started by her ex-husband. We even look alike. We both look just like my dad. Pretty cool since we have different mothers. I remember years ago at my step sister’s wedding, so many people came up to me saying hello thinking I was Alyssa I was constantly correcting people I’m not Alyssa.

So today I might grab her and make her come get our eyebrows threaded but after that it is pool time with the kids. First of course it will be playtime with my dogs who will be so excited to have little ones around. Tonight I’m just as excited to have dinner with my step sister who I haven’t seen. She lives close to me but I don’t think I’ve seen her since the last time my sister was in. It’s all about family time today. So excited because I love my family. Soon my dad and stepmom will be in NY too. Lots of good things happening.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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