Backdoor chute muscles missing signals

Backdoor chute muscles missing signals

I haven’t blogged about it but I’ve had serious back door chute issues this week. It seems the door is open and people come through unexpected or it stays closed and I can’t get them out. I went weeks with it open and now I went the complete opposite. My stomach was so bloated causing physical pain. It was great for my diet because I couldn’t over eat if I wanted too. My stomach could only hold so much food. However I was extremely uncomfortable most of the week.

I finally took some laxatives which helped slightly. It is like no matter how I try there is no connection to my muscles down in that region. Just a complete disconnection. This is the definition of what damage in the myelin sheath does to those of us with multiple sclerosis. The signals don’t travel from the brain to the muscles because of frayed nerves on the route. Like an electrical plug that the protective coating is missing, when those wires are exposed damage may occur and the object you are plugging in may or may not work correctly. That’s the best way to describe damage from multiple sclerosis.

Except unlike an electrical plug, myelin sheath can’t be fixed and I’m left with various problems. Irreversible problems. The back door chute is just one of many. It’s frustrating but it is an aspect of my life that I live with. This is MS and it sucks sometimes.

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