Bubba my van had a flat

Bubba my van had a flat

I want to thank my neighbors in my condo. I had a flat on my back rear passenger side tire. Someone noticed it and called the security booth for them to contact me. Since it was already dark I didn’t go downstairs to look at it but I asked my daughter to check it out when she came home. She confirmed it was really flat. Great.

Luckily I bought on Amazon a cordless air pump for my wheelchair tires months ago. Cost like $50 and was money well spent . I used it many times on my wheelchair tires but it became more beneficial for the car tires. It was especially useful for me this morning. The tire was so low. Thankfully my daughter thought to charge the pump and I brought it down with me when I checked out my car. I saw the nail immediately. I was able to re-inflate (ok my aid did) the tire so I could drive on it to the tire store. From there it was a quick patch and we were done. Easy peasy.

However since I didn’t go out yesterday and wasn’t planning on being out today, I’m grateful for the neighbors notifying our security booth about my tire. My daughter wouldn’t have even noticed because she normally comes through another door at night that isn’t near my van. It’s nice having people in a community that care. I’m grateful too that it was just a patch I needed not a new tire. It ended up being a simple problem to fix. Bubba is all better again.

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