Fireworks 2019

Fireworks 2019

So how were the fireworks? How did your dogs do? I gave my dogs treats with cbd oil in them from my vet. Not sure if it helped but they liked the cookie itself. My Zoey was fine it was Marshy, he was howling. I sat with both of them on my balcony while I watched the fireworks keeping the windows closed. It was still loud. He was calmer with me there. At least I think he was. I may be just speculating that.

The bars by me set off fireworks which were cool to see since I’m two blocks away. It’s like a front row seat. However the coolest part is looking up and seeing in the distance all the fireworks going off everywhere. I can see pretty far from my building and looking out at the landscape horizon was just a show of fireworks. I find that the best part of July 4th. I never saw anything like that living in houses that are constantly blocked by other houses and trees. In my condo I have a straight view.

Imagine it dark with fireworks going off everywhere. I should have taken a picture last night but I honestly didn’t think of it until I was writing this post. I wish I did although it wouldn’t have done it justice.

Anyway since today is Friday night I’m sure they’ll be more fireworks going off somewhere. Tomorrow night is the nautical mile fireworks if the weather holds out. That is my towns fireworks show that is actually set off from the park directly across from my balcony. Now that is a front row seat show.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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