Wrong season to try to date

Wrong season to try to date

Summer is a great season. It’s many people’s favorite. Being outside at the beach, on a boat, or at a pool basking under the sun’s warmth. However when you have multiple sclerosis, or any neurological disease, chances are it is not. As that temperature rises outside all of the MS symptoms act up making it a difficult season. This is called the Uhthoff Phenomenon.

Uhthoff’s phenomenon (also known as Uhthoff’s syndrome, Uhthoff’s sign, and Uhthoff’s symptom) is the worsening of neurologic symptoms in multiple sclerosis (MS) and other neurological, demyelinating conditions when the body gets overheated from hot weather, exercise, fever, or saunas and hot tubs. Wikipedia

I choose to sign up for plenty of fish in June, ? duh, what was I thinking!!!! I certainly won’t have my best foot forward if I have any foot going forward at all. This was the wrong time for me to join. This is my hibernation season. I go out for my various activities but my energy, which is significantly depleted on a good day, is just wiped out after I come home. Not really the time for me to dress up and go meet someone for a drink. I couldn’t even meet for coffee for fear I’d go through my whole temperature regulating symptom and sweat profusely for no apparent reason.

This is not my season. I might hide my profile until September comes around again. I haven’t made the decision yet but I’m thinking about it. I love my life. I am very happy. I don’t know if I need a man in a romantic relationship capacity to that degree. I will keep you updated. Have a wonderful weekend.

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