I love the view

I love the view

I’m distracted today. I’m watching the sun shine and twinkle off the water. There is even a boat. It is my favorite thing to look at. I know I’ve said this so many times but I just can never get enough of the sight. I can get lost in my view. I love everything about where I live. There has been NO construction on the corner site. Will there be? I’m sure. The land was purchased for close to 4 million dollars. I don’t believe anyone is just walking away from their investment. Rumor is that their plans have fallen through. So the property will either be sold or plans will be changed. I’d love if they’d just take the block and not swing around the corner so I continue to have the straight view.

The delay has worked out good for the club on the other side of the empty lot. This existing bar, that barely survived hurricane Sandy, received their work approvals and began construction. They are building an indoor catering hall that would be in direct competition with what that corner lot was supposed to be. Since my area has an 11pm noise ordinance, they can now move their night business indoors as well. Otherwise come 11, music shuts off and the business usually dies over here.

I’m not sure what the future holds for my view. I will always have a view of sorts. I just might not have it as good as it is now. So for all these sunny days where I get to watch the twinkling on the water, I’m happy to get lost in the view. Nothing makes me more peaceful than watching the water.

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