Rituxan infusion coming up

Rituxan infusion coming up

Good morning and happy hump day to all. Got through the day of exhaustion from therapy yesterday. At least I had a justifiable reason for being fatigued. I even made it to my hair appointment and no more grey hairs, at least for the next 5-6 weeks. My wonderful hair dresser, who is also a good friend, even blew out my hair for me saving me a step so I didn’t have to deal with it myself. I’m almost due for my summer hair straightening so my hair is just easy to do for months. I think I’m going to start doing it twice a year from now on because, like so many other things in my world, my hair is getting difficult for me to do. This way it is just always easy. I do Magic Sleek as of now which hasn’t hurt my hair anymore than dying it has. Hopefully my hair doesn’t fall out one day.

I’m starting the process of my next Rituxan infusion which is scheduled for March 15. I’m nervous that I could have a reaction of any kind. https://multipleexperiences.org/2019/09/18/allergic-reaction-to-rituxan/?preview=true&frame-nonce=981dfeb41e https://multipleexperiences.org/2019/10/29/blisters-and-rituxan/?preview=true&preview_id=5767&preview_nonce=920cb136ed&preview=true&frame-nonce=981dfeb41ehttps://multipleexperiences.org/2019/11/15/rituxan-is-not-the-cause-of-the-blisters/?preview=true&frame-nonce=981dfeb41e It was probably not caused by the Rituxan itself but the infusion was definitely the catalyst that caused the problem. I had my neurologist write the prescription order to include the Benadryl this time because it was definitely one thing that was different last time. Other than that small thing, I don’t know what else could have changed. I’ve been on Rituxan for a while now and was on it in the past before Ocrevus came to the market. If I have any reaction to Rituxan this time, I will have to discontinue this disease modification therapy. The problem is, where do we go???? I have reason to be concerned so I’m ready to get this over with.

So far for once things are going smoothly with setting my appointment up for this infusion. A miracle in itself. I can only wait to see what happens. My same infusion nurse will be here and she is aware of what transpired last time so she will be checking my skin thoroughly throughout the five hour drip. I can only hope it was a fluke thing back in September. 

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