What are you watching?

What are you watching?

Since so many of us are indoors and looking for things to watch, I thought I’d once again give you my list of some of my favorites shows outside the ones everyone talks about. This is in no way any kind of order other than shows I just really enjoyed.

  1. Justified I believe you can watch the whole series on Prime or Hulu
  2. Succession two seasons so far on HBO
  3. Fringe right now you could watch the whole series with IMDb TV, I get it with my Amazon Firestick, for free with ads which are short.
  4. The Staircase Netflix
  5. OA Netflix
  6. Bloodline Netflix
  7. Haven can be watched on Netflix
  8. Friday Night Lights can be watched on Hulu or Bravo Now
  9. Lost can be watched on Hulu
  10. Vikings can be watched on Hulu

This is just a small list that has all different elements, drama, sci-fi, weird, courtroom, dysfunctiononal family etc. feel free to add your own in comments below. We all could use TV tips.

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