I’m going out…my wheelchair evaluation

I’m going out…my wheelchair evaluation

I’m going out into the zombie apocalypse tomorrow. Wish me luck. It will be my first time out in almost two weeks. I’ve been very good at hiding myself away to keep safe but now I must make an appearance. I finally got an appointment for a wheelchair evaluation at my physical therapy office. I’ve waited four months to be seen. I couldn’t decide to not go. They assured me that the staff is in masks and the gym is following strict cleanliness guidelines. The appointment shouldn’t take too long maybe 30-45 minutes. I am just shy of 2 weeks from my Rituxan infusion. I’m feeling better from any side effects but of course that isn’t the concern, the coronavirus is the concern. I’m going to take the risk.

I was asked by my new physical therapist if I was going to be back for my April therapy appointments and for that I said No. I don’t need to be risking anything weekly for OT or PT that I could pick up later in the year. I still am exercising in my house each day. I know it isn’t the same. I’m sure I will have more setbacks but I have them anyway even with therapy. I still progress. PT and OT help but they don’t cure either. I don’t feel I need to be out and about in that gym around any number of people, at this point, no matter how good they clean.

Tomorrow’s evaluation is my exception. My wheelchair, which I don’t hate, doesn’t work for me for the amount of time I’m in it. If I am in it too long it actually makes my symptoms worse. This is part of the reason I get back from mahjong or game day exhausted, it’s from being in my wheelchair. I need a more functional wheelchair for someone with my level of disability. I made a mistake in this choice. This evaluation is going to help me fix that with, I hope. We need to deal with the insurance who only pays once every 5 years. Since I’ve had this only a year, once again it will be a fight with insurance. It is my fault, I didn’t know. That is why this appointment is so important. This part is just the beginning.

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