Pick up the phone

Pick up the phone

I must admit I’m not a phone person. I’m great at text but I hate holding a phone. I drop it often and I can never get a comfortable placement so I don’t have to hold it in my hands. You know how you balance it between your ear and your shoulder? I sometimes can’t do that anymore causing me to have to physically hold the phone. My family knows I put many of them on speaker phone these days. Then I’m usually good to go however that’s my family and they know. Yesterday I was on the phone with so many people I thought if the phone rang again I was going to disconnect the wires.

I am also not a fan of small talk just to fill the space of time. The only person I do that with is my mom as she drives to work. We’ve been talking during the morning and/or afternoon drives since I’ve been working and cell phone friends and family plans were in existence. Her and I can fill up space talking nonsense that has always filled the entire length of the route home. She’s the only one I don’t mind. She’s mom. I love my daughter and she calls me also when she’s in the car driving but sometimes her nonsense is actually nonsense and I honestly have no idea what she is talking about or I can’t understand anything she is saying. I don’t know why but her connection in the car seems to go in and out and I hear every other word. It makes me crazy. Sorry baby girl. I love you ❤️❤️

My last call yesterday I made to one of the ladies in my building. I haven’t seen any of my friends and I wanted to check in. I was on the phone for almost 45 minutes. I didn’t even realize it was that long. It was such a pleasant conversation. I missed seeing her each week. Even with nothing new in either of our lives, due to the coronavirus, conversation flowed without any lags. I had such a nice conversation and for me at 8:00pm that’s really saying something

I realized when I hung up that under these crazy times, a text is to impersonal especially when your in isolation. I was happy when earlier in the day I spoke to another friend/relative with MS and Parkinson checking in on them admits this turmoil. I was thrilled we talked on the phone because it was too much to text. I FaceTimed with my cousin in Florida and got to see the adorable kids. It isn’t a world right now for texting. Reach out and connect with people. That is what I realized yesterday. This is how we need to remain connected.

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