The best Passover Seder

The best Passover Seder

Passover last night was one I won’t soon forget. A big thank you to my cousin Stacy and her fiancé Robby for putting it together. There were roughly 27 families connected through Zoom reading the Seder. The new normal of our everyday lives these days. I must give a hysterical shout out to the addition on the 10 plagues of the coronavirus. It was really funny. That detail and the rendition of Dayenu. For over 40 years we’ve sung that song at Passover quite horribly. Yet nothing is worse than 40 different voices, over different device lag times, singing off key and different parts. I laughed the entire way through. For those who were on the call they are laughing at the reminder and the rest of the world, you might of needed to be there. (Unless your virtual Seder had the same result).

For the craziness that it was with all of us isolated, we were all together on Passover. Something we wouldn’t normally be. Some of the families would have been together possibly but never all of them and never all across states and countries. That in itself was a gift. This virus has taught us all something, we aren’t far, we are available always. There is no reason next year tables can’t join with other tables and celebrate together via zoom or some other video chat. My Aunt said it last night and she’s right, this virus will change our new norm. That to me is a positive lesson we all learned from this deadly virus. I hope we can make new traditions going forward. It was the best Passover Seder I ever attended.

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