Teleconference neurologist appointment

Teleconference neurologist appointment

I have my neurologist appointment this morning. My second neurologist appointment admits the coronavirus isolation. Once again this will be a teleconference appointment as was my other one. I’m thankful that both my doctors know me so well. What would this be like if I was a new patient or something? I can’t imagine.

This appointment was always scheduled as a checkup but now it is also serving as my wheelchair evaluation. I need to be seen by my doctor, for his evaluation, to write a letter. Normally this appointment is supposed to be “in person” but we believe that it will be accepted by Medicare based on the current state of affairs.

My aid wants me to address the continued swelling of my feet. She’s been getting concerned that, even with my water pill, it has swelled more. My other symptoms are what they are and I know there isn’t much I can do about that. I am happy I made the switch back to Provigil even though I am paying for that myself.

It will be a quick appointment. It is hard to do a neurological checkup via teleconference. Another reason it is good that they both know me well and that I know my multiple sclerosis well. Makes this easier for a patient like me. Still hoping to go back to some normalcy soon.

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