A peaceful weekend

A peaceful weekend

There are a few boats out on the water this morning. It is a still a little chilly but the sun is out.

It looks beautiful. I opened windows to let the fresh air in. I just love this!!!! The pictures never do it justice. They never capture the sparkling effect the sun has on the water that I find just mesmerizing. This was better but still doesn’t do it justice.

Saturday mornings are my favorite especially when the sun is out, the house is quiet and the streets are still quiet (which unfortunately is the norm these days). I love and appreciate my aid but having a morning to myself is precious. To be able to sit here and write, while gazing out at the water, in quiet is so majestically peaceful. It is a meditation without closing my eyes. I am instantly tranquil and relaxed. In the distance I can even hear a bird chirping. People imagine this scene in their head doing relaxation techniques and I have it out my window. I am so lucky. To sit here and appreciate it for its beauty is my favorite thing to do.

This month would normally start the beginning of the season for the Nautical Mile. The bars on the street parallel to my building would start opening again. The boats in storage start being put in the water. By the end of April the traffic starts to increase both cars and foot. In May it is the weekend hot spots and by June it is jumping weekends, weeknights, and the music is blasting. This year it won’t be like that. I’ve seen the cars down by the end watching the sunset. I see people walking their dogs by the pier. It certainly isn’t what is the norm for this area when there is a nice day.

That doesn’t take away from the beauty of the water. I can at least take a moment to appreciate the quiet so when the noise does come back I can appreciate that too. So I’m going to sit for a little longer with my Zoey and Marshmallow

Wishing everyone a very peaceful weekend.

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