Meet Minx

Meet Minx

I’m not sure if my blog has been successfully moved yet. I am still waiting for confirmation but I had good news to share. This is our new puppy: 

We changed his name to Minx. He is a Panda Pug. The white and black makes him a rare color. We chose him because he will grow to be about 20lbs, doesn’t bark much, has a longer life span than the frenchie and he’s so cute.

As much as I would have liked to adopt, it doesn’t work for me at my stage of disability. The first place I looked was on my French and English bulldog rescue groups. I need a puppy to groom to my lifestyle. I can’t walk a dog anymore otherwise I would have a service dog. I need a laidback dog because my life is mostly inactive. Some people don’t agree with that and I’m sorry. Doesn’t change how much I love my furry kids.

I’m excited to welcome Minx to our family. He won’t be here until June 16 when he’ll be 8 weeks old. 

My world is small. My dogs mean so much to me. They help me keep a smile on my face even on my toughest days. I started a puppy fund fundraiser on Facebook. My aunt said it most endearingly, there is very little anyone can do for you. If I’m able to contribute to something that I know brings you happiness and joy. I’m happy to do it. I thank my aunt for those words and my family and friends that have helped me to bring Minx home.

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