This has been a very full morning already. I slept late. I got up at 8:30 which for me lately has been late. I knew my AC guy was coming first thing in the morning so I kind of put myself into high gear, at least the highest gear someone with MS can go. My goal was get a bra on and my teeth brushed before they arrived. With that achieved I rushed to feed the dogs and clean their areas. My shower would have to wait until later. When they still weren’t here I thought I’d get in part of my workout finished. I got my weighted gloves on, started the video and in the middle of the very first exercise, the phone rings. My AC guy is at the gate.

We have to replace two of my Heating/cooling units in the condo. My living room one had a leak that damaged my floor. it was also very old and past efficient. My bedroom one had many parts repaired but each one was a bandaid. It was a matter of time before the until stopped working altogether. You know it would go when it was either the hottest week or the coldest and it would take time for the new unit to be ordered. We decided to be proactive and not wait for an emergency situation.

Out with the old and in with the new

I even have a remote now, Fancy upgrades.

I love my AC guy too. I’ve been using him since I moved here. He’s always reliable and fair plus he’s really good looking. Since the new unit was going up on his Facebook and Instagram and I was putting it on my blog we took a selfie together.

Now that’s a good looking bunch ?. Thanks Joe and LVV HVAC. Always a pleasure having you around.

New units installed, workout complete, pills set up for the week, I finally sat down to write my blog. Now I think I am going to actually eat something. Happy hump day.

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