Once again a problem with my infusion

Once again a problem with my infusion

You honestly can’t make this shit up. I’m sorry for cursing in line one of my blog but I am so aggravated right now I don’t even know where to start. At 8:45 my phone rings and it’s CVS pharmacy asking me when my infusion is.


I’m like you have got to be joking. I called three weeks ago to start this process. They were so helpful, so nice. I was on the phone for an hour. They even submitted something to my insurance because that’s how they were able to schedule the date to send the drugs.  Medication was coming Tuesday, September 8th. My nurse that administers the infusion was available Wednesday, September 9th. Perfect, this worked out well.

Then I get a call on Monday telling me that they forgot about Labor Day and they need to change my Tuesday delivery to Wednesday. There won’t be a problem I was informed with so many reassurances. I explained I have my nurse coming first thing in the morning I must have the drugs here. There won’t be any issue. I even called again first thing Tuesday morning and I was once again reassured it was all processing. I will have my medicine first thing Wednesday morning.  I was even slightly concerned because I got a call from my nurse late last night that she had to make another stop first thing Wednesday morning. This could make her run fairly late to start my infusion. I wasn’t very happy but what was I gonna say.

Who knew? I should’ve known, because nothing ever goes smoothly when I have my infusion. The woman at CVS told me that my infusion was scheduled for the 11th. I have no idea where that date even came from. Never was that a date that was even picked. So now they’re trying to expedite this to have the medicine here by one. It’s still a six hour infusion. I have no guarantee when or if it will even be here today.

My mother told me to cancel if it’s not here at a reasonable time. I tried to explain that it takes a while to mentally prepare for this day. Once I have it in my head that I’m doing it I need to get it done. putting it off now won’t really be an option very high on my list. So if I end up starting at 4 o’clock so be it. That’s exactly what my mom really want because it’s exhausting for me but I need to get it done today. My nurse knows what happened and will come and do the infusion whenever the medicine gets here. She doesn’t mind being here late. I just mentally can’t resign myself to putting things off for another day. I’m just so aggravated that they never can get it right. Truly unbelievable!!!!

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