Rituxan Infusion Tomorrow

Rituxan Infusion Tomorrow

I called the pharmacy first thing this morning and they reassured me that my Rituxan will be delivered first thing tomorrow morning. I am not going to call my infusion nurse and I’m going to hope for the best. Normally my infusions don’t go smoothly. There always seems to be a problem somewhere through the process. When the pharmacy changed I thought, great another infusion to give me agitation. Then it was all arranged weeks in advance. I was shocked. Until yesterday, when I got the call that they had to cancel my delivery for today because they forgot that Monday was a holiday. Personally speaking I didn’t understand if they had my prescription already in why couldn’t it be delivered today. However they needed to have it delivered tomorrow, Wednesday. The same day the nurse is coming. I just don’t want any problems.

I’ve done these things long enough to know what needs to be in the box that’s being delivered. If they deliver tomorrow and somethings missing I have no time to get it fixed. I called the pharmacy and I went over the major stuff to make sure the Solumedrol is there, the IV bag, the Benadryl, and of course the Rituxan.  Yet sometimes they’ll be missing certain butterfly IV starters or alcohol pads. Thankfully, I’ve been smart to all this and we usually keep extras on hands from previous infusions and my nurse usually carries some with her as well. Still I’d prefer to have the meds in my house before the infusion is scheduled. Since that’s not gonna happen, I just have to hope that there won’t be a problem.

My infusion is scheduled for 1030 tomorrow morning. It will take 5 1/2 to 6 hours once we get the IV in. Hopefully I have no blisters or rashes. I really don’t know what we’re gonna do if I have any kind of side effects. Last time was a lot better.  once again I can only hope. I’m sure I will blog during my infusion tomorrow. These infusions might only be twice a year, but you have to get yourself psyched up and prepped for them. Even without any side effects, there still an ordeal. It’s a long day. I guess I am as prepped as I can be. 

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