Ocrevus Commercial

Ocrevus Commercial

I never watch TV through my TV carrier. I always watch through my Firecube. No matter what it is, unless it’s something that I record, I’m never on my TV. That being said, it’s also very rare I see commercials. However I was catching up on old Bravo shows that I neither recorded or watched while they aired. On the Bravo app, there’s commercials. When you’re watching an entire season of some thing you end up watching a lot of commercials. Every single episode seemed to have the Ocrevus commercial . I don’t know why but the commercial started annoying me. The more I saw it the more it annoyed me. It got to the point that as I would see it I would start mimicking the words. I have to admit that once in a while my middle finger would go up to the TV when they’d put up their two fingers. It was just one of those things that just started getting to me.https://youtu.be/K8P4GULTxW8

You have to remember I take Rituxan which is a sister to Ocrevus. Same basic drug just Ocrevus is approved for MS. This blog explains the differences https://multipleexperiences.org/2017/06/28/ocrelizumab-ocrevus-versus-rituximab-rituxan/.  So basically it’s a commercial for a drug I’m somewhat taking.  why would it bother me? Yet it drives me crazy. Maybe it’s because it’s says that MS doesn’t have control. Well 22 years ago when I got diagnosed I decided that MS wasn’t going to have control and it certainly was never because of the drug I was taking. Ocrevus, Rituxan or any of the disease modifying drugs don’t give us control over multiple sclerosis, that comes from us. We become the warriors fighting everyday. We become stronger every relapse, bad day, good day, small victories, large victories and monumental moments. No drug does that. That comes from within. The true fight with MS comes from deep within each of us and the support system around us. Control is not taken with the drug. The drugs don’t even give us control, just hope to hold off progression long enough for a cure. I guess i just expressed why the commercial bugs me so much.

Ironically, my daughter was also watching bravo app and made a comment to me about seeing the Ocrevus commercial. She said it annoyed the hell out of her too. Just proof she is once again my daughter and my mini me. She was annoyed for different reasons then me but we both got a laugh that we felt the same way. She just finds the commercial stupid. She has had a mother who has had MS her entire life. She has seen me completely fine, to slightly unbalanced, first time I used a walker to fully in a wheelchair. Nobody has witnessed my progression like my daughter. I think she just looks at the commercial as not the full truth. Anyway it was just funny that we both commented on the same thing.

Meanwhile, my Infusion is Wednesday and I just got a call from the pharmacy realizing that today is a holiday. Therefore my scheduled delivery of my drugs, which was supposed to be tomorrow, will now be on Wednesday. Since my nurse is also coming on Wednesday morning, I’m just hoping and praying that there isn’t some kind a problem and the drugs get here. If the drugs don’t get to the pharmacy tomorrow I’m not taking the infusion on Wednesday. Oh No. I knew this went to easy n

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  1. What’s with all the dirty looks these women are giving? Just makes me feel a strong undercurrent of hate or total distain.

      1. You are not alone! I don’t have MS and don’t even know someone personally with MS and I have been so annoyed by this commercial, I had to do a search just to see if I was the only one lol. It is the weird looks / stares they give and then the slow “look away” – and that woman doing yoga – talk about a death stare… bothers me every time. My heart goes out to you, but hopefully we can get a good laugh knowing we are not alone in our suffering of this horrible commercial! Cmon marketing teams – you can do better.

  2. At least she was wearing a mask when she was alone. No mention that vaccines are much less effective, if at all, and your chance of hospitalization, is increased (at least in Israel).

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