You need a license to drive this wheelchair

You need a license to drive this wheelchair

I think I’m going to stop blogging on Saturdays. I’m not sure if it’s because of the summer or Covid but my stats on Saturday have been so ridiculously low for a while now. It actually has been dictating my Saturday posts making many just pointless ramblings. So multiple experiences will now come to you Monday through Friday. Plus in all honesty my weekends are fairly quiet especially with my daughter gone. Hopefully it will just improve the posts I put out Monday through Friday.

That being announced, I was going to tell everyone today I’ve been doing much better with my new wheelchair. Yet, I completely jinxed myself. Thankfully I did not break another mirror on my closet door (as I knock on wood).  Nope, today I knocked over the basket of the balls for my dogs. You’d think that wouldn’t be a big thing except I the basket caught under the wheels. I broke the basket but not terrible just the handle. In the process of me trying to untangle from the basket, I got the pooper scooper caught under the other wheels. That bent like a piece of rubber. The final outcome being the lever on the side of my wheelchair breaking off as I came out of the balcony. The whole ordeal happening within a 20 second window. So aggravating. I still haven’t located the broken lever of my chair. It is the lever that locks the control arm in place. My daughter twisted it out of position the second week I had the chair when she tried getting by my wheelchair without moving the arm. Now that twisted lever got caught on the balcony door and snapped off. EXCELLENT!!!! So much for me driving better.

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