It’s time to heal

It’s time to heal

I don’t know what I want to blog this morning because I am still in complete disbelief over the events of yesterday in Washington. I don’t believe my political beliefs have any place on a blog about multiple sclerosis. Yet I believe that my spiritual beliefs have merit because that is what drives how I deal with both MS and the world around me.

On a spiritual level, and on a human level, we are all entitled to have our opinions. It is important to respect that everyone is allowed to believe what they want, it’s called free will. If you personally don’t agree with someone else’s thinking, it is not up to you to change their mind, but it is up to you to have respect for their opinion. Whether that means you no longer engage with that person or group or no longer discuss the hot topic anymore, it is their right to have an opinion as it is your right to disagree. Violence is never the answer. Violence isn’t how we respect each other and we certainly can’t move forward through violence.

This country is so split and the anger from both sides has been high for a very long time. Too many people see the issue in black or white and have no respect of anyone’s opinion if it doesn’t match their own. In all honesty as crazy as yesterday was in Washington can you really say you were shocked? I was watching the TV in a shocked state but I wasn’t shocked a riot broke out. Emotions we’re running high and it was fueled by a very large like minded crowd.

The pictures on the news are still shocking because this is the United States. We see this in other countries but not ours. Yet it did happen and these pictures were seen by every country all over the world. We need to heal. We need to start becoming human again. Remember the saying “love thy neighbor”? We need to start respecting our neighbors again. Treat others as you want to be treated. The violence needs to stop but more importantly the anger needs to stop. This is not right. This isn’t how we should look upon each other. Hate breeds violence it’s time to love and heal again.

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