Wishing my daughter all the best in the world ❤️

Wishing my daughter all the best in the world ❤️

It is official, my daughter moved out yesterday. Unfortunately, she didn’t move locally so she won’t be popping over anytime. Her trips home will have to be planned with a plane, train or car. Everyone asked me all week if I was ok, and I really was. This morning saying goodbye tears flowed because of pride. I am just so proud of her. She has had to work very hard to get to this point. Life certainly hasn’t been easy been easy for this young deaf child with cochlear implants. She really has amazed me so many times and look where she is now. Driving to Maine to move in with her boyfriend. She is currently doing her masters degree online. She starts a new job on Monday. This is from my little girl who didn’t say her first sentence until she was almost 4. “No not boo porple”. I was getting her an ice pop from the freezer. Seems so simple but that sentence, with the mispronounced words, brings a smile to my face. This blog is of course dedicated to her. I’m including my favorite blogs about her and my favorite pictures.






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