Moving the scale downwards

Moving the scale downwards

Well good morning to everyone. Another week is beginning. Oh joy!!! Truthfully, the days all blend for me sometimes. If it wasn’t for my aide showing up Monday mornings, I might never know what day it is. I didn’t do anything this weekend because I was exhausted from this week. It doesn’t take much to overwhelm me during a week. A few activities outside my normal week and that’s all it takes. I cherish my down times. Cuddling my pups on my chair is the definition of a good day for me. FOMO, (fear of missing out for those that don’t know the acronym), is usually not a problem of mine. Actually sometimes I am hopeful that I am not even asked. I don’t just sit around either. Saturday I had my bionic gym o n for 3 1/2 hours. A new goal for me. I burned well over 1000 calories according to my Apple Watch SITTING. I was drenched in sweat. After about an hour after the workout, I was up and going about my day as normal. No unusual fatigue. Love it. This leads me to a topic I haven’t talked about in a bit, weight loss.

I have been losing weight for the first time in years. I am 8lbs away from where I was in 2016 when I started putting on weight. My lack in mobility was definitely a problem but I just couldn’t get the scale to move in a downward direction. It has been a frustrating journey for me. I decreased my calories to 1200. I continued to workout consistently. I journaled all my food choices daily. You name it, I did it. I just continued to slowly gain weight. I’ve struggled with weight my whole life. It took me about 37 years but I finally got to a weight that was good for me. A honest size 6. I kept the weight off for over 8 years until my disability started to limit my mobility. That is why watching the weight creep back on no matter what I did was so difficult for me. Three months ago I was up 20lbs from that happy weight I sustained for years. However, I might have finally figured some things out.

I got a glucose monitor that I wear everyday. It has a set range for me to keep my glucose levels between. Any spikes are seen through an app. I’ve learned how my body reacts with certain foods specifically the sugar within those foods. My goal is to stay in my target zone as much as possible. It has been eye opening. I’ve learned not only that a food can spike my glucose levels when I eat them but also for hours after. The app also had so many hints that has helped me learn how to eat. I have opted for lower carb meals but I am not on Keto or anything like that. I still eat fruit but learned I can’t eat fruit without a protein to offset the sugar. I did learn if I eat straight pasta I will spike my glucose levels all night long. It is the spikes in the glucose that are either making me gain weight or holding onto the weight. Once I started really mastering how to stay within my target level the weight just started to come off.

I still eat 1200 cal a day. I still eat snacks. I just found snacks that don’t spike my glucose. For me the Atkins indulge bars work well. They taste good and definitely satisfy my sweet tooth. The best part is I don’t spike it all with those. I still eat my fruit. I very often will have an apple with some peanut butter or almond butter. I even eat my frozen grapes with some almond butter. Not the greatest combination but this way I can eat my grapes. I even eat carrot cake. This normally spikes me a little but carrot cake usually has walnuts in it so it doesn’t spike me as high as like a chocolate cake would. Other than that, I eat normal meals.

I’ve always exercised that has never changed but it did get more challenging with my limited mobility. That is why once again I preach about the bionic gym. This has definitely been a game changer. It is giving me the ability to raise my heart rate substantially higher being in a chair. It’s also giving me the ability to work out sitting in my comfy chair doing nothing but wearing the biotic gym. Like I said in the beginning of this post I worked out with it for 3 1/2 hours the other day burning over 1000 calories according to Apple Watch. I would like to add that I think Apple Watch is very generous with the calories they offer per workout. However, I also know that I was sweating. I do agree with my heart rate because I have two separate watches and they’re both showing the same thing.

I knew I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I knew I was eating healthy and I knew I exercised. I just needed some thing to pull it all together to tell me why the weight wasn’t coming off. The glucose monitor definitely helped explained a lot for me. Watching the glucose spikes in addition to my workouts with the Bionic Gym I can finally say I’m losing weight. I am officially moving the scale downwards. Go me….

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