Like mother like daughter

Like mother like daughter

I’ve been so happy having my daughter home again. It is so nice to see her beautiful face every morning smiling. The dogs are just as happy. As soon as her door opens they both go running to greet her.

She’s growing up and there is a new level of maturity she has now. She seems to be more grateful to her home now. There even seems to be a greater compassion for my MS. I’ve had this disease longer than I’ve had her. She’s grown up with me having it and saw my decline first hand. However, since she’s come home there just seems to be a level of compassion or maybe even empathy. She wants to help as opposed to being annoyed with me for asking for help and favors.

She is like me in so many ways. We laugh at the same things. We understand things on the same level. We have our own private jokes. She has my mannerisms. She loves the dogs almost as much as I do, although she’d get mad at that saying she loves them more. She even watches most of the same tv shows as me. Now she just cut her hair and we look even more alike

This beautiful girl I’m so proud to call my daughter is turning 20 in 9 days. Where has the time gone. I love her so much. ❤️❤️

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