Sometimes you need to just rest

Sometimes you need to just rest

I’ve been run down lately. The words “I’m tired” have once again been part of my everyday response to “how are you”. I’m not sure when I became so tired again but I know I’ve started canceling plans because of how I feel. A beautiful weekend and I’m inside with all my windows open and a great view. Sometimes you just need to rest.

The only thing is it doesn’t really help. Fatigue is a strange thing because it isn’t just tired. It’s this unexplained feeling of exhaustion that just takes over ever limb of your body. I go to physical therapy or work out in the morning and I’m exhausted after but my body recovers. Then hours later my body goes into this fatigue stage like I just worked out again except I don’t recover. Each step is difficult and even holding myself upright is hard. It just comes on no warning. Some days are better than others but the feeling has been there more often than not lately.

I haven’t taken any drugs for fatigue in over 3 years. I don’t work and feel it’s one less medication I don’t need to add back. If I need to sleep I can sleep. I go into bed by 9-9:30 at night. I might watch TV in bed but I’m usually sleeping by 10:00. I sleep until 8-8:30AM. That’s a lot of sleep even if I’m up throughout the night for bathroom breaks or not. I very rarely nap during the day no matter if I’m fatigued or not. However I know I need to stop moving and rest as much as I can on certain days. Pushing myself is not wise and this weekend was no different. I just knew I needed a few days to regroup to face another week of activities.

I am lucky that I have my wonderful view. Tons of boats to watch going by. My favorite fur babies keeping me company. Calls from friends and family checking on me. A morning greeting from my beautiful girl. It’s all good. Have a wonderful weekend to all.

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