Monday Memorial Day

Monday Memorial Day

I might feel a little more charged and ready to tackle another week of activities. I think I was just operating without enough data off that maybe my batteries weren’t getting recharged. I was able to get my workouts done each morning and then relax all afternoon. I just love watching the boats and jet skis on the water and this weekend was so busy with activity it was great. I was in my happy place.

Unfortunately I had to shut the windows and turn on the AC it was getting too warm in my condo and the wind is coming in the wrong direction. I like it better with the windows open but it was inevitable they’d have to close in the warmer weather. My windows are vinyl because of hurricanes so it isn’t like they block noise and I still can hear all the bustle and music of the bars by me which is fun when I’m chilling. It is nice to sit on my porch with a glass of wine ? and people watch and listen to the music. It’s even funnier when they’re leaving all drunk but that could be another blog post. The weirdest thing I ever saw out there were these people dressed as pink Oompa Loompas.

Odd right???

Today is Memorial Day and it’s a Federal Holiday in the States. A day to remember all of our brave soldiers who have fought and lost their lives serving in the armed forces. There will be a lot of activities going on by me on the water, many BBQs and a lot of alcohol consumption. May everyone be safe and enjoy their day but take a second to remember those who served and fought bravely for our freedom.

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