A quick short note today. Had occupational therapy this morning kicked my ass. Such a difference from last week of what I was able to do. I can’t be too upset because I know this routine. Some days are better than others and today wasn’t a great day. It is getting hot outside and the OT room was warm. I was sweating and I was appropriately dressed and doing very little.

Another one of my MS symptoms is my body can’t always regulate temperature. I can start to sweat for unknown reasons when a room isn’t really that warm. That was me today. 30 minutes later I wasn’t sweating but I was doing full body exercises and was completely comfortable. I can’t explain why it happens but I know it is related to MS.

I’m home now and my energy is diminished. I just wanted to send a quick update and hello to everyone wishing them a wonderful week.

I did have a happy note and got to see the adorable English bulldog in my condo complex. He made my day. Not as handsome as my Boomer was but still handsome ❤️❤️.

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  1. took a shower today,and now i am done for the day,i was wondering if i could somehow add prednisone to the water would it make me stronger after the shower?

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