Bowel and bladder problems and MS

Bowel and bladder problems and MS

I’m always preaching about adapting and I had to make another adaptation for myself. I bought a commode to leave by me to avoid the “accidents”. Too many times I’m just steps sea and it happens. I’ve had the order for the commode since I was in the hospital last year with cellulitis. I kept saying I didn’t need it, my bathrooms were close enough. My caseworker asks me every month because it was recommended by the nurse at my evaluation for services. I put it off for a long time. I don’t know why, I guess it was just another thing showing both my sickness and symptoms.

I’ve written about my accidents A honest look at an MS bad day, I like to be honest on my blog. It is embarrassing yes but it is a very true part of my life. Yesterday accident could have been avoided in the sense I knew I had to go, just couldn’t get there in time. Unfortunately, this happens to me more frequently now. To have to clean a commode is easier than cleaning me and everything else. It was time to accept the truth. More importantly it was time to swallow my pride and just make things easier for myself. If I don’t need it great and if I do it’s there.

Not the easiest of topics to blog about but a very real one. It is embarrassing and uncomfortable but it is an MS symptom that many people suffer from. I might not always jump when accommodations are recommended but I do eventually recognize its need. All I can say is try not to stand in your own way of what can make your life a little easier. Eventually we all have to give in and are usually thrilled when we do.

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