Fatigue and multiple sclerosis

Fatigue and multiple sclerosis

I’ve been staying home a little more lately because I haven’t been feeling great and the weather. I’m sleeping a lot more and even when I get out of bed I’m forcing myself up more so then wanting to get up. It is a horrible feeling to be so tired after you’ve slept for 10 hours. If anything I’m forcing myself to get out of the house. I feel like all I’ve done is blog about my MS´┐╝ symptoms lately but this is the truth of what is happening.

I did go out this week to mahjong and I’m playing today as well. I’ve made new friends playing this game and I absolutely love playing. It’s a way to be social and meet people, it’s fun and it keeps your mind functioning. All great things. Today I’m playing with people in my building which I’m hoping I can play with every few weeks. I won’t give up my other group because I really like them. They are fun and playing with them is great. Plus it gets me out of the house. The problem is I’m exhausted when the game is over and can’t do much more after.

My baby girls birthday is Monday although she’s going to be 20 she’s still my baby girl. We are going out for her birthday. Tuesday I’ll be in the hair salon all day getting my hair straightened for the summer. Can’t wait for that. That makes doing my hair so much easier, no more frizz. I still haven’t reschedule dinner with my friend which I’ve canceled twice. I’ve just been so tired by the afternoon.

Each thing is little but it adds up and my body just isn’t bouncing back. I just feel like I’m running on empty. Instead of being recharged in the morning I’m waking up with a quarter of a tank that depletes quickly. It’s a tough way to function but I have no other choice. It is and always will be the hardest symptom of MS.

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