My beautiful condo

My beautiful condo

I was sitting here with my blog opened trying to decide what to write when both of my dogs jumped on my lap. This is where they usually are but sometimes my Marshmallow gazes out the window in the AM. I spent twenty minutes giving my fur babies puppy love and gazing myself out of my own window and lost any topic I wanted to write about.

This is my favorite time of day. My body is tired and a little sweaty because I just did my chair Zumba. My dogs are near if not on me. My condo is quiet and the sun is shining over the water. I’ve said this so many times in my blog but I just love where I live. The building needs some work but my condo and my view are beautiful. Even when they build the hotel that will block my corner view, I just have to sit on my balcony and I’ll still have an amazing view.

Everything about this place is perfect for me. It is big enough where I have plenty of room for my things yet small enough for me to easily maneuver around. I am located right next to the elevator which for me with MS only spells convenience. I am so happy here. My dogs love it too. They get tons of sun and huge balcony windows to look out. Marshy watched everyone coming and going. He barks at all the dogs. It is comfortable and beautiful and I live here.

This place was on a vision board I created in 2016 without a clue how it would ever happen. In December of 2018 I moved in. Crazy right?!?’ Sometimes I am just overwhelmed at how blessed I am. I have to thank my mom and stepdad for this amazing place because without them this would never have happened. I’m just sitting here realizing how happy I am.

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