Working out with MS

Working out with MS

Overheated and under slept. Not a good combo to wake up with. I shut my AC off last night because I was cold. Of course it was ridiculously humid when I got out of bed. I had hours to turn it back on. I was up between the hours of 4-6AM and the time I feel back to sleep between 6-8 weren’t restful. Needless to say I woke up behind the MS eight ball already dragging my feet and having difficulties walking. Not a good start to the day to have fatigue in your body and you didn’t even do anything yet.

Ugh!!! I’m frustrated feeling like this and more frustrated writing about this. However shit like this doesn’t stop me. If I was doing my chair Zumba today I’d still do it knowing full well I’d have difficulty all day because I pushed my body. I’m not doing chair Zumba because I’m going downstairs to my gym to workout with the weights. I’m waiting for my daughter to wake up. Since she got home at 4am (the reason I was awoken and couldn’t get back to sleep) I know I have time to rest still. I just couldn’t rest anymore in bed.

I never let MS win. I know I have no plans today other than a friend stopping by so I can push myself and I do. I have a goal in my head of what workout I want to accomplish and I will. My weight routine is with the machines and it is all sitting down. No reason it can’t be done. My daughter is there to help me move the seat or incline for various exercises. That is where I have some difficulty even on my best day. I have a routine for two days in the gym but this week I only will get there today so I will combine the days. I’m working on the strength of my upper body. Thankfully I’ve done my beachbody P90X with Tony Horton so many times I understand the right form. Right now I’m doing high rep low weight but I will change that up soon to low rep high weight. I’ve already had to go up a level on my weights since I started this month.

I may complain and I may have bad days but I always push myself when it comes to my workouts and my MS. I always have. I don’t like MS to be an excuse for anything. I am a warrior despite my disease. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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