A brave return to my bed

A brave return to my bed

I finally started to feel like I had some sense of sanity return this Sunday. This bedbug situation has certainly been extremely stressful. The house was fumigated on Friday. I spent the morning organizing the last of the packing up of the house. Exhaustion hit me by the time I finished cleaning out the first draw. I mean like really hit me. Fatigue times 100. I was just starting what I knew was going to be a long day. I realized as strong as I’ve gotten since the hospital, I am still no where near where I was. Where I was, wasn’t even that good. I experienced fatigue, but not from doing twenty minutes of cleaning out a draw. That is how I started the whole fumigation day. The exhaustion I had to deal with because there was nothing I could do. When the exterminator finally came I had to leave the house over 4 hours. I was in my wheelchair for the majority of the day. I couldn’t move by the time I was allowed to enter my home again.

I just wanted to feed the dogs and eat something. I didn’t have energy for much else. I didn’t have energy to hold a fork. I said screw the diet, I’m ordering a pizza. Everything was wet from the exterminator chemicals so I laid a blanket on comfy chair. I certainly wasn’t going to my bedroom. Well I knew that the transfer to the chair would be difficult. I was so past exhaustion and crippled from holding myself up in the wheelchair for hours. Problem was I wasn’t with my regular day aide. She’s on vacation for two weeks. This one was not only afraid of my dogs, adding to my stress and anxiety, but didn’t understand English great. When I said I need you to help me pivot, that didn’t get understood. I was too tired to move my legs on my own. My legs buckled and I slid to the floor. She tried to pick me up but she didn’t have the strength. I didn’t have any ability to help. I call our building Maitenance guy to see if he was around. He told me he just left. When he found out I was on the floor he said he was going to figure something out he’d call me back. Eight minutes later he was at my door. He came back to the building to help me. Now how was that for a good person?

I finally ate dinner at around 8pm and was asleep in the chair by 10. My aide checked the mattresses a few times at night, no activity. Saturday my aide and I checked all the mattresses, vacuumed dead bugs we saw and opened windows. I still refused to ever sleep in my room again. We monitored the mattress anyway day and night.

Sunday I woke with some clarity. We decided to buy bedbug defoggers. We set the cans off in mine and my daughter’s room. After letting the room air out. My wonderful aide once again vacuumed. She was able to get on the encased mattress protector I bought from Amazon. I wish I could do the same with the box spring but I don’t have box springs. I have an adjustable base foundation. That’s all one piece. You can encase that. She put my bed back together and brought in my little Humpty‘s so I at least could look up at them. I told my mom I’m gonna sleep in my room but if I get one bite we’re getting a new base for my bed. I’ll be sleeping in my chair until it comes.

I SURVIVED THE NIGHT!!!! I was bite free and bugs were not seen. We even checked at 12:30am.

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  1. OMG, what a horrible ordeal. I can relate to you’re awful day. People have no clue about the struggle.

  2. Wahoo! I’m so happy for you. I was so exhausted helping my daughter to. All her family/friends that have lived in her basement off and on…borrowed money. Refused to help. It was just me and one of her brothers that helped do dump runs with the big items

    It was bone deep exhausting

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