Bedbugs…not Hives

Bedbugs…not Hives

I woke up scathing my hives as normal last night. This time I saw a small bug on my humpty’s head. It was about 12:30 am. As I crushed the sucker it made a blood spot. Something didn’t seem right when i saw that bug. I picked up my phone and google bedbugs. Could my hives be bedbugs? Yes, for the first time, in my months of scratching, I wondered maybe I have bedbugs. I started googling which caused me to scratch more. I sat with my iPhone’s flashlight for an hour looking at my cover, sheet, arms and nightshirt. I was looking for anything. Of course because my MS skin is already messed up, I kept feeling like things were crawling on me. My aide came in to change me and I told her what I was fearing. She too looked but didn’t see anything at the time. She said wait until the morning. I tried but I was so itchy that there was no quality sleep.

7am we are all officially awake. First thing she does is look for bugs. Thankfully, she sees nothing. Until she says oh wait. She picks up this bug thing that when smushed has more red blood than a mosquito. Are you kidding me???? She picked up and inspected my whole mattress. We didn’t see anything in the seems. We didn’t see any evidence on the mattress. We lifted the mattress and found a few underneath. I’ve been scratching myself all day since the discovery.

My day aide has been amazing. She has already bagged up all my bedding and clothes. She is taking everything to the laundry to ensure it will be washed in the hottest temperature. We are currently waiting for the exterminator to give the word. My day aide has also inspected the mattress. She unzipped the whole covering. She didn’t see any infestation. Hopefully whatever this is can be treated easily. Otherwise I might never be able to sleep again.

Well extermination has come and gone. It took him a little but it was confirmed, I have bedbugs. They are in my box spring. I’m scratching again just writing about them. This morning my aide moved everything in my room because she wanted me to see them all. I really didn’t need to see the visual of their happy home. We found that they are not only in the corners but in the middle of the box spring. There was actually more in the middle than the corner. The middle which sits right below my right arm. It is why my so called “hives” were mostly on my right side, especially on my right arm. Even after the bed is treated, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to to sleep on that box spring again after seeing those bugs. Would you???

The problem is, I don’t have a normal box spring. I have an adjustable bed. My box spring is actually a foundation that is attached to the adjustable base of the bed. I can’t separate the foundation. I have two separate twin foundation bases underneath my king bed. I thought I’d just get rid of the foundation part and let the base adjust the bed. It will help my bed be lower too. Not a terrible idea. I just spoke to Tempur-pedic and that is not possible. You can’t remove the foundation from the base. I can’t remove the part that had the infestation, regardless that is being treated, and have my adjustable bed. I either keep it, replace the whole thing or not have a bed that adjusts anymore. Come on….can’t something go my way for this???? Well the first step is treatment. Got now I’m sleeping in my comfy chair. Last night I was bite free.

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  1. Aaagghhh! Just thinking about bugs makes me itch. We finally got rid of our flea/mite pestilence/infestation last year by various means, trying not to use toxins. Bugs, be gone!

  2. Ugh!!! My sons home was infested either from a used couch or they came back on their luggage after a cruise in Hawaii.
    It cost a very $2000 and they spent the month of Dec camping in the yard waiting for their appointment. The company used heat to kill the bugs then came back monthly to check and treat if necessary. They can save your bed.

    1. I used a company that sprayed. The companies that used heat wanted over $3000 per room ?. I’m praying for the best. They retreated if necessary.

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