Getting a new caseworker

Getting a new caseworker

I haven’t slept in three nights because of the fireworks. My poor Minx gets so worked up from the noise. I even gave him medication. With every explosion outside came a round of barking from the inside. Therefore when the idiots were still setting things off at 1am, my Minxy was barking like crazy. It is difficult to sleep through that. I thought to myself, ok, I’ll wake up, workout and nap this afternoon. I did my workout, which was lousy, but got involved with things so I never napped. I really knew I wouldn’t. I would sleep the entire day away. I don’t nap, I sleep. I think I wrote about all this last week.

I had things to do today. I need to find a new case worker for my Medicaid program. I have put this off for too long already. My case worker is horrible. I should have been approved into the new program in the early part of 2022. Yet her delays and placing blame on my own issues caused me to actually not be approved until May 1. She took so long to do the application that we had to redo the entire thing after I was released from the hospital in March. It was these delays and lack of taking responsibility that first started all the problems with her. Her failure to file the original application, that we started back in November 2021, was swept under the rug of excuses. This caused my family significant stress when I needed 24 hour care and wasn’t approved yet by insurance. Insurance that I not only had but qualified for and started the paperwork in ample time to receive. She had her own health issues. It would take a week to return a call or an email. She’d constantly be asking me for documentation I already submitted. It was aggravating to say the least. Especially since I did Medicaid applications for a living, so organization of my documents are 100%. I didn’t dismiss her then because it was too late. I was too far in with her to start all over with someone else. Once the approval came through, I didn’t think I needed much. My mistake.

My medical supplies that are supposed to be delivered, have yet to be done. Two months now and it still isn’t done. It is a request from my doctor sent to the medical supplier for delivery. A supplier I was currently with on my prior insurance. First she wanted the doctor prescription for supplies. I called my neurologist and had it faxed over that day. She didn’t like the wording. She said she was going to call. A week went by, I text her, she asked for the neurologist number again. A week goes by, she tells me he didn’t send anything. This is my neurologist of 24 years, he doesn’t wait for letters on me. Then she decides she rather it be my primary not the neurologist. She was going to call because she knew what it had to say. Instead of the back and forth, the last message I received was that my caseworker spoke with my doctor and HE is faxing the prescription over again. My reply was the doctor is a SHE so I hope you spoke to the right person. When my doctor was here last week she didn’t see anything in my chart requesting the information for the prescription. It’s been over 2 months and $300+ out of my pocket. I have had enough.

I didn’t have time to nap. I first needed to make calls to find a new agency willing to take over my case. I then need to put in the paperwork for the transfer. Even after all that, I still have to wait for the next month to start before it takes effect. It will be another month of my cost I’m sure for my supplies. It has been very aggravating. I needed to do this more than I needed to sleep.

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