Fireworks tips when you have dogs

Fireworks tips when you have dogs

Happy 4th of July to everyone. It’s a beautiful day and everyone is probably thinking about BBQ and fireworks, I’m thinking about my dog, Boomer, who passed away in December. He hated this holiday and I always wanted to stay near him because of his reaction to the noise.  My 70lb English Bulldog would jump in my lap, cowering, crying and shaking. Some years we even tried to give him treats or meds that would calm him down, nothing worked. I know this is an issue for many people who own dogs. So I looked up some tips to help keep your dog calm during fireworks.

  1. The best place for a dog is in their normal environment. So you may want to rethink bringing your scared dog to the event your attending. When a dog gets scared they can also get disoriented so they are better off in an environment they know well.
  2. The most soothing thing for a scared pup is to have their owners close. Hearing the voice of their owner, being pet and distracted from the noise outside are all ways to help calm your dog.
  3. If you can’t be home, put on the tv, radio or even a sound machine to try to drown out the outside noise for your dog. They actually make dog music that is specifically designed to calm your dog in situations like this. You can google those on the Internet.
  4. Provide a safe environment for your dog to retreat. Some dogs go under the bed or into a crate.
  5. Lower the blinds and shades. Your dog doesn’t want to watch the fireworks. Seeing the flashes of light from people setting them off in your neighborhood can be just as unsettling as the noise it makes.
  6. You can give a dog Melatonin, yes like you’d take for a human. They say you can give anywhere from 1-4mg depending on dogs weight.
  7. Have a busy treat for them, like a Kong filled with favorite treats or a bully stick that takes time to chew through.
  8. There is an item called a Thundershirt that is a snug shirt your dog wears that is like swaddling a baby.
  9. Make sure your dog has their ID collar on. It is not uncommon that a firework goes off on the nightly walk that’s scares your dog. Dogs have broke free of leashes, fences and screens being scared during fireworks.

This is post is dedicated to my beloved Boomer whom I gladly have on my lap one more time. To Marshmallow who could have cared less and is hopefully keeping Boomer company. To Zoey who thankfully doesn’t mind because my Minx is the worst of them all. He gets gabapentin to relieve his anxiety throughout the weekend. Poor thing. Have a safe and happy holiday.

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