The dumb things that frustrate me

The dumb things that frustrate me

Why is it simple things, never go simply? I finally got rid of cable TV. My plan went up again to almost $200!! I don’t even watch the cable. I watch everything on the firestick. I pay for extra services to avoid commercials like Peacock and Paramount. I have everything Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu. I didn’t need to be spending money anymore on cable. I finally cut the cord and got a plan that was just phone and internet. I even qualified for a new router for free. I only had the last one for ten years.

Well, I got the new router and plugged it in. What should have been simple was of course NOT. I didn’t have internet. In my daughter’s room, where we always kept the router, it is very difficult for me to get to the wires. I was instructed my aide from a slight distance. I decided to bypass our internet extender, since this new router was supposed to be so much better. After trying to get the router up and running for over an hour, I decided to go back through the Wi-Fi extender. For a split second I thought it worked. Then the lights in the extender went off and the prong power cord came out. WTF!!!!

I finally had to move everything in my daughter’s room so I could get in and look at the wires. The prong plug in the extender was now broken. Even if that was the key to hooking up my router, it wasn’t an option anymore. I finally had to call Verizon customer service. Turns out that box wasn’t a Wi-Fi extender as they once told us, without that box, we couldn’t use our cable line at all!!!! That box was some converter from land line to ether line, or something like that. I don’t know why they told us it was an extender. My daughter thought it was the same thing. Trust me when I say, we remember everything. That is what the guy told us when he installed that thing. Now it’s broken and I am unable to get Wi-Fi or my phone connected in the house.

I got an appointment for this afternoon between 1-3. That was the earliest they could come. This all happened Tuesday morning. Since I use my firestick I connected with my hotspot on my phone. Great idea until I found out I used up my monthly allowance by 8pm. I have an unlimited Verizon wireless plan, who knew hotspot had a limit. I’ve never used it. I spent the evening on a chat with their customer service because the office closed at 5pm.

To say it was an aggravating day puts it mildly. Such stupid BS stuff is what drives me crazy. I can handle the big things. It’s those little things that I get frustrated dealing. Hopefully all will be fixed today. So far my savings for switching to the new plan is -$125 because I can be charged for Verizon coming to the home.

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  1. I cut cable last year now I just have their internet and I have YouTube tv and a million roku apps.I also use ooma for my house phone it is connected to my router,it uses VOIP which stands for voice over. Internet is about 3 dollars a month.ooma has a web site if interested.tis all and good luck.

    1. Thank you for the information. That’s all good to know. I was thinking of adding YouTube tv. It looked to be the best. I have firestick not roku but still have many apps too.

  2. I think the first time I really “lost my shit” with customer service was dealing with an old cable box. It stopped working. I called Customer Service, and they said, “No problem, we will send out a new box.” I responded, “great! please send someone to connect said box as well”…. After a 30 minute debate the woman said, “you can’t find ANYONE?!?!? to help you”. I literally screamed at her. At this point in my life I was all alone and needed alot of help, I certainly didn’t need her making me feel even more lonely.
    Looking back I definitely overreacted, but still…

    1. I don’t think it’s an overreaction, I think it’s just being fed up with the situation that we have to deal with on a daily basis. Unfortunately she was the person on the phone when you got to that point. I’ve been there and I totally understand how you feel. Sometimes you just want it to be easy and things to go smoothly. Is that really too much to ask for at this point in life? Isn’t dealing with our disease enough? I ask this freaking question every day. Even on my positive days. lol ?

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