Finally Getting My Wheelchair

Finally Getting My Wheelchair

I’m finally going to pick up my wheelchair today. Only took two and a half months. I have already placed a call to my physical therapist. I now will have a lot of work to do trying to rebuild the strength I lost. I don’t have any physical therapy days left for the year so this is now going to be paid out of pocket. It is extremely unfair and extremely unacceptable that it took this long to get my chair fixed. Today is where I start my next fight. I’m meeting with the occupational therapist that does wheelchair evaluation and the home medical equipment specialist. It’s the specialist that needs to answer some questions. She works for the company that services my wheelchair. I need to know if this is the only company. I need to know how this can be avoided in the future. I need to know who I file complaints with because it has made me weaker. I’ve spent the last 2+ months almost completely in bed because my backup chair was too difficult for me to get out of and sit up in. No one cared. It doesn’t take much for my muscles to get weaker these days. This episode with my chair was a disaster. I honestly don’t know if I have the ability to rehabilitate to a significant level anymore. It’s been a tough year before these things happened. I’m exhausted. 

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  1. This just not right and I am saddened you have had to go through this! Keep the positive attitude I know you have within you, be kind and patient with yourself, you’ve got this! – Dix

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