My Other Issues

My Other Issues

Today my wheelchair is supposed to be picked up. They will be taking my chair back to the shop to fix. I find it amazing that they can afford to send a courier to pickup the chair but can’t send a technician out to repair the chair. The company is so short staffed that the cost of the courier service outweighs sending a repairman. I have my wheelchair evaluation on July 25th. It is at this appointment I will find out how I can fight this from ever happening again. Is this the only place that repairs my wheelchair or the only one I was given?
The wheelchair is, unfortunately, only one of the things I’ve been dealing with these past few months. My gastrointestinal issues have not gone away. I ended up with an e-coli infection in my stool. This lead to a bladder infection. The bladder infection lead back to C-diff because of the antibiotics I had to take. I ended up in a cycle of bladder infection and C-diff until my doctors finally treated me for both infections at the same time. My gastroenterologist said if I’m on antibiotics I need to take vancomycin as well. Vancomycin is the medication that will prevent C-diff. However, he wouldn’t prescribe the antibiotics for the UTI and my doctor wouldn’t prescribe the vancomycin with the UTI. It was ridiculous. I finally had an appointment with my doctor and she explained that the office manager is the one who said no to vancomycin. She told me it will be a standing order ANYTIME antibiotics were ordered for me. Now I got both prescriptions to overlap enough where I hopefully can get rid of both infections. I still have two more days of antibiotics to take. I will have to check my urine first for the bladder to hopefully be cleared. Otherwise it won’t matter about the stool because I’ll be back on vancomycin anyway. I am seeing a second gastroenterologist this Thursday for a second opinion. I need to find out how I’ve had so many of these problems since I was released from the hospital last year. This is why I’ve been somewhat frustrated and haven’t blogged. I haven’t had much of a life in months dealing with infection after infection.
Every infection has made me weaker. I have had to be in bed more than ever due to my broken wheelchair. Now I am in worse shape. I don’t know if I could rebuild anything anymore. I wasn’t in great shape starting the last few months. However, all these issues combined have certainly made my disability worse, yet again. Now my feet barely move to transfer to my chair. It’s been really tough here.

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  1. Great to see you back on your blog even with all of the challenges you are groping through at present. Know that we are all supporting you with are thoughts and prayers. – Dix

  2. I’ve been thinking about you so much lately. I swear we have so many similarities! I “disappeared” the first week of July because I couldn’t break a horrible cycle of fatigue, fever and chills.. To make a long story short, I have a UTI, that has now turned into a kidney infection, constipation for 10 days resulting in a hospital trip, and Oral thrush…WTF?!?!?!? I am finally starting to feel somewhat human, and slowly trying to play “Catch up” but I hope to talk to you soon!!!!

    1. OMG that is horrible. I’m so sorry to hear that. I don’t get it!!! Like don’t we have enough on our plate without these infections? I’m glad you are feeling a little better.

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