Broken Wheelchair

Broken Wheelchair

I have the same routine every morning. I’m up at 7am to be changed by my aides. I always get out of bed so I could feed my dogs. I like to be the one that feeds them so they know I’m still mom. I workout as soon as I am back in my bed. I always workout first thing in the morning. My workouts have been just my Bionic Gym with weighted bars because I can’t do my resistance bands. I need my sit up in my wheelchair to do the resistance exercises. I am completely fatigued after I do that exercise program. I can barely get up from the my backup when I have done nothing but fed the dogs. I’d never be able to exercise and stand. Therefore, I am bound to my bed workouts. Great for cardio, lousy for muscle strength. My muscles are becoming weaker. It’s just another issue I’m dealing with since my main wheelchair broke.

I am not done with my complaint over what happened with my wheelchair. I find it completely irresponsible, unacceptable, inexcusable, and actually abusive that a disabled person would have to wait this long for their primary mode of mobility to be fixed. I am one of the fortunate ones that actually had a backup wheelchair. It still presented me with many issues but I was able to get around. Even with my backup wheelchair, I have faced setbacks with my disease. My upper arm strength, as discussed above, is weaker because I can’t do my resistance workouts. I tried to do them in my bed. It doesn’t work. I get up less frequently because it is so much harder for me to get out of the backup wheelchair. My legs, that were already getting weak, have become weaker. I’ve had difficulty transferring into my wheelchair. This has caused issues for everyone. I’ve have had many close calls where my aides had to catch me before falling.

What if I didn’t have a backup? I would have no way to get up from my bed. The company couldn’t expedite a fast order for the part. They couldn’t offer a comparable wheelchair as a loaner. They wouldn’t offer anything that wasn’t comparable. The part has now been in for 10 days and they have been so backed up that no technicians can actually come to repair the chair until August 4. I was basically left in a situation that was too bad for you. If you’re in bed for two months and you atrophy because you have a progressive disease, this company can’t help. I have no other choice in repair companies. I don’t even have a choice in wheelchairs. I am stuck with my main chair for an additional 2 years before I can change it in for something new. This wheelchair has had problems from day one. Not this severe but enough to aggravate me. How does a motor go on a leg lift in 3 years? How does it not have some backup to at least lower the legs down if the power motor goes? The whole situation is beyond comprehension. I don’t know who I talk to yet but believe me, I will figure it out. This isn’t over.

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  1. I know you will figure this one out as you always do because you are a fighter! This just not right for any company to act as if they have no compassion or care for their clients. especially a company supplying goods and services for those of us that are disabled. We Hear your frustrations! – Dix

  2. I’m gonna ponder who to call on this one. Its the mobilty companies issue then not insurance? I think you’re on Medicare? As far as the weakness and atrophy, sounds like someone needs to pay for home health pt. Maybe the company that employs your aides, could help you fight? I’m just brainstorming. I am mad FOR you!… Total bullshit!

    1. The people that will help with PT isn’t the issue. The issue is the time it took for the repair of the chair. It should never be like this. The amount of damage it has done to me is immeasurable.

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